New insulation and roofing

The challenge

The old wooden shakes and beaver tail roof tiles needed replacement. Water damage and safety considerations, as well as wasp nests made complete roof refurbishment the only possibility. The building’s listing in the protected heritage register, and specific energy efficiency requirements significantly influenced the restorative measures, the former specifying the height and appearance of the building remain unchanged. Other design requirements included a diffusion-open roof construction, highly effective protection against summer heat and unwanted exterior sound.

Our solution

The design team chose a vapour-permeable, retarding membrane, installed over the exterior face of the interior boarding and up and over the rafters into the next cavity, plus flexible insulation battens between the existing rafters (140 mm), and GUTEX Ultratherm® wood fibre boards, the latter to furnish a rain- and wind-tight sub roof structure (60-mm thick). New beavertail roof tiles, copper flashing and metalwork along with facade refurbishment have preserved the character of the period architecture, making it a true architectural gem. 

Project features

The elementary school is a protected heritage building as defined by Paragraph 2 in Baden-Wuerttemberg’s heritage site listing law. In recent years, the number of pupils attending the school has remained largely constant at about 90. 

The roof encompasses about 1,000 square meters. The building’s refurbishment also included new, triple-paned wooden windows, façade paint renewal, using diffusion-open paint true to the original colours. Rounding out the renovations, restoration of the original building entrance doors and installation of a woodchip-fired domestic heating system brought the building up to current high standards.

Construction solutions

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