The new Baiersbronn Valley Station

The challenge

Schwarzwald Idylle, a valley station in Baiersbronn, the name of which means Black Forest idyll, is a hub for many outdoor activities. For the project planners, the challenge was to preserve and integrate the peace, empowerment, wholesome stimuli and rejuvenating power of nature into a building that harmonised with its surroundings visually and materially -- the latter, naturally, biologically safe.

Our solution

The plan called for a timber build, one almost exclusively insulated by GUTEX woodfibre products. Between the timber studs, 200-mm of GUTEX Thermofibre woodfibre, blown in via flexible hoses, efficiently insulates the cavities. The exterior walls are fit with 60-mm GUTEX Multitherm insulation boards and covered by vented white spruce siding.

Project features

  • Guiding principle: experiencing nature actively.
  • Bright, friendly ceilings thanks to 3-ply spruce panels.
  • Improved acoustics in the dining area thanks to perforated ceiling panels
  • Solid wood table haptic.
  • Walls and counters made from natural wood with natural finish.
  • Local dishes made fresh from locally-sourced fresh ingredients and produce.
  • GUTEX woodfibre insulation made from wood harvested from the Black Forest.
  • Impact on nature kept as minimum as possible.

Construction solutions

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