Comply with ecological standards

The challenge

Build two passive apartment buildings, each with 60 apartments to accommodate the over 500 employees of Allgäu's Sonnenalp Resort and Hotel. The owners of the luxury hotel remained true to their quality commitment in every facet of the project. They expect the savings provided by using quality building materials and the passive house design will cover the project’s cost within 12 years following completion. And not to be forgotten are the enjoyment and satisfaction the employees will experience.

Our solution

The project required 500 m3 of wood, that is, 11 km of wood for the walls, roofs and ceilings. In addition, there were 1800 qm OSB for the walls, 1400 qm exposed roof sheathing and 115 m3 of wood fibreboard insulation. 120-mm GUTEX Ultratherm insulates the top storey’s timber framing under the spruce clapboarding. GUTEX Thermowall ETICS with render was the choice for the ground floor.

Project features

  • Family-run hotel with 444 beds and around 520 employees
  • 2 new buildings with total of 120 employee apartments
  • Designed and built pursuant to passive house standards (PHI-certified) Buildings are identical
  • Total heated surface area (as per EnEV) is 2,186 qm
  • Gross cubic volume is 9,885  m3
  • Annual heat required to maintain desired temperature: Qh 13.8 or 15.4 Kwh/m2
  • Heat required to maintain given temperature (22°C) P is 11.6 W/m2 or total of 25.4 KW

Construction solutions

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