Mission Statement

We’d like to take a minute to explain our company’s mission and the benefits we strive to provide to our stakeholders, including our customers, business partners and employees:

We create wholesome living spaces that are in harmony with Nature and the environment.

We are innovative product, system solution and market specialists. We utilise innovative ideas and advanced technologies to engineer and make from natural and local renewable resources new market-ready solutions. Qualified, motivated employees and business associates guarantee our success. 

We manufacture ecological insulation products for the entire building envelope (walls, roofs, interiors). As quality leader, we guarantee the quality consistency of our products, services and raw materials (certificates, approvals, etc.) yesterday, today and tomorrow. With our highly qualified team we provide customer-specific, economical solutions quickly, with optimum usability, and on site. We manufacture solely in accordance with environment-friendly standards, using exclusively quality Black Forest wood harvested with sustained forest management practices.